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A wide variety of lunchtime or after-school clubs is provided for pupils, depending on the interests and availability of staff to organise and manage particular activities. Where places are limited, preference is usually given to the older children or the club is organised into a fixed number of sessions in order to accommodate more children.

Most of our clubs are free of charge and are run by the school staff. 

To give you an idea of what we offer, here is a list of clubs we ran (2022/23), please note there is no guarantee the same clubs will be offered again: Stevenage football (paid), netball (paid), tennis (paid), fencing (paid), indoor multisports KS1, indoor multisports KS2, Outdoor multisports KS1 and KS2, Cooking club, art club (paid), craft bombers, table tennis, forest school, singing club, African drumming, chess club, movement club, coding club, bible studies club, yarn bombing, nature club, ball games and Royal Albert Hall Gala singing.  There is financial support available for paid clubs, for more details please speak to Ms Healy. 

All children need to sign up to clubs through the School Gateway system. 

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