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St Helen's CE Primary School

Loving Learning, Loving God, Loving Our Neighbour



Mrs Kaye Healy and Mrs Katherine Taylor

Senior Teachers:

Mrs Ania Grabowska (English Lead and member of Senior Leadership Team)

Mrs Claire Thompson (PE Lead and member of Senior Leadership Team)

Mrs Jennifer Bradshaw (Maths Lead and member of Senior Leadership Team)

Reception Teacher:

 Mrs Catrina Porcelli

Key stage One Teachers:

Year 1: Miss Emma Matthews/Mrs Hannah Eke, Mrs Michelle Davies/Mrs Isobel Rawcliffe

Year 2: Mrs Charlotte Shah, Mrs Lisa Hodgman, Miss Lauren Gow (trainee teacher)

Key stage Two Teachers:

Year 3: Mrs Jo Terrell/Mrs Hannah Simms, Miss Claire Horton

Year 4: Mrs Jill Watson, Mrs Nicola Roche

Year 5:  Miss Emma Mottram, Mrs Vicky Baker

Year 6: Mrs Ania Grabowska/Mrs Jennifer Bradshaw, Mrs Claire Thompson


PE Coach: Miss Jade Clarke

Music Specialist: Mrs Rachael Dugdale

Support Teacher: Mrs Jennifer Bradshaw

Senco and SEN/D support: Mrs Isobel Rawcliffe

Inclusion: Mrs K Taylor


Staff can be contacted directly via email during their school working hours using the following pattern:

first name.surname@sthelens.herts.sch.uk



Parents are asked to honour staff working hours and allow at least 24 hours before acknowledgment.

All correspondence to the Co-Headteachers should be made via the school office: admin@sthelens.herts.sch.uk

Teaching Assistants:

Miss Vikki Colyer

Mrs Clare Corcoran

Mrs Betty Dunford

Mrs Maggie Gledhill

Mrs Yvonne Griffin

Miss Maria Hunt

Mrs Dawn Jarvis

Mrs Wendy O’Connor

Miss Julie Porter

Miss Sophie Russell

Mrs Sue Smith

Mrs Margaret White

Miss Britt Dahle

School Office Manager: Mrs Andrea Lennard
Administrative Assistants: Mrs Sam Blackmore, Miss Catherine O'Donnell

Librarian: Mrs Ishbel Bartlett

School Site Manager: Mr Robert Kerr

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