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St Helen's CE Primary School

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Curriculum Information

On this page you can find out about the curriculum content for each of our year groups.

There is also further information contained within the Loving Learning section of this site on the teaching of reading/phonics.

The year group specific assessment objectives give an overview of the key objectives from the National Curriculum for reading, writing and maths. Children are expected to achieve 85-90% of these objectives to reach age related expectations by the end of the year.

We are often asked by parents which books would be good for their child to read. That's a huge question and depends on the child's interests, their age and reading abiity and often by what's "in vogue" at the time. By clicking the reading list link, you will be taken to the Love Reading 4 schools site where you can find the perfect book for your child, whatever their age and whatever their interests are. 

All of our staff welcome enquiries about our curriculum. Please speak to your child's class teacher or get in touch via our contact information or using staff email

Year Reception (EYFS)

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